ID Review: Safely Remove USB Drives Just by Unplugging Them

This material covers on safely removing USBs and the question what does it really affect.

Like usual the information presented is simple. Of course the information is also true, it was proven through research. It also contains a short instruction in case you want to verify if you can remove your USB without clicking the safely remove icon.

Overall 4/5. It’s good and proven but a few seconds to click safely remove won’t hurt anyone.

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ID Review: How to Stop Procrastinating

One of a student’s best friends: procrastination. It’s not a very good friend but quite unavoidable. In this “how to” we learn how to procrastinate less despite it’s title.

This “how to” is actually more of helpful tips on how to procrastinate less. Simple, short and practical text along with some image is presented. Nothing much to review but the contents should be kept in mind.


Overall 3/5. The content is simple and direct to the point but I feel the title is wrong and the images feel like decoration with no deeper meaning to it.


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ID Review: How credit cards work

For some reason if you just feel like knowing about credit cards or want to have one. You should first learn more about it. Knowledge is power.

The site gives you a lot of information that you need accompanied by images where it is needed. Chances are if you want to know something about a credit card it’s probably here. The information is also presented in segments so there won’t be too much walls of text but there will still be walls of text. You are trying to learn so it is unavoidable. Important parts are in bold and external site links are also present in case you want to read more walls of text, I mean learn.

As you can see below some segments are accompanied by images though there is no shortage in the walls of text.



Overall 4/5. Information you need is there. At the same time images are present to help but the image to text ratio is very unbalanced.

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ID Review: How to set a password to your wireless router?

Once again this tutorial is presented through a forum answering the basic question on how to set up a router password. In the case that your internet connection is suffering because unknown people are leeching from it, this guide will help you out.

The guide is a simple. Step by step processes are enumerated. No unnecessary words are used. It contains just what you need to know. However, This simply discusses the general procedure. No more no less.

Overall a 4/5. Very helpful but lacking in images. (Like this blog)

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ID Review: Create a Restore Point

This tutorial is taken from Microsoft’s site so there is no doubt that its contents are valid and true.

The information provided is adequate when you want to learn about restore points. Also, terms that you may not understand are also presented. As for its, presentation there is a video you can watch in case you do not feel like reading the text but seriously other than the definitions which aren’t even that long you should just read the step by step process.

Overall it’s a 5/5. It’s not very visually appealing but I don’t think a child would want to actually learn about restore points anyway. So the design looks appropriate for the audience it is intended for.

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ID Review: Doki Timing Guide

Doki is a fansubbing group for anime. The fansubbing process is made of different parts, one of which is timing. This guide was made for beginning timers so that they can learn how to time properly.

It starts with a table of contents which is helpful. Since there is a table of contents you can see the flow of the topics. Terms and shortcut keys are then given so that the reader can follow. The screenshots are also big and well-labeled so it would be easy to follow. Some words are also in bold to give emphasis. The materials needed were also provided.

Overall  I give it a 5/5. It really is a step by step guide for beginners. It is simple and well-explained so it is easy to follow. The links for the files are dead but you can google those. I personally haven’t tried this but only because it takes a lot of time. However, I actually want to try this some time to ascertain its effectiveness.

(I didn’t put pictures because it will be better if you see the guide itself)

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ID Review: How to use the HOSTS file to block websites in Windows

The tutorial presented is actually a thread of a forum. For whatever reason you have to want to block a website on your computer you can use this simple tutorial in order to achieve that using the host file.

Instead of traditional step by step instruction, the author instructs the learner in the form of  discussions. The discussions are short and easy to follow so you understand what it actually does  instead of just blindly following. After reading, it is expected that the reader should already know how to properly block a site using this method and understand how it works. Since this is rather simple and uncomplicated.

Overall I give it a 4/5. It is a little lacking in pictures but in this case pictures aren’t really that necessary. Through the explanations and the example given I easily understood how to accomplish this task.  Even a beginner can do this.

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